Construction Site Cleanup Services

Construction Site Cleanup ServicesAuthentic Cleaning Solutions provides construction cleaning to meet contractors needs.  We will remove post-construction dust, dirt, and debris using the highest quality equipment and the techniques to exceed our clients expectations. We will regularly perform rough, final, and touch up post construction cleaning. Call (561) 301-4520 or fill out our online form to get started today!

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Your Schedule

ACS retains flexibility to work with our client's schedules and needs.

At Your Convenience

Need a cleaning company during the week, on the weekend, once a week, three times a week, early in the morning, late at night? We can meet your scheduling needs.

Your Budget

Don't pay for what you don't need. Let's work together to create a custom cleaning plan.

Custom Plans

ACS will work with you to create a custom cleaning plan for your business within your budget while providing an authentic cleaning solution.

No Mess Left Behind

We will clean it nice or we clean it twice.

Checklist Protected

With each cleaning visit we follow a checklist of priority items. This eliminates human error and ensures proper attention to detail.

Trustworthy Staff

We trust in our employees and we know you can too.

No Shady Characters

We know the backgrounds of our cleaning professionals and we take every caution not to employ any “shady-characters”.

ACS’ Other Services

Not seeing exactly what you need? Take a look at our additional cleaning services and see if you can find what you need. If you have a cleaning related need that is not listed here, please contact us anyway to double check with us. We just might be able to provide a custom cleaning solution!

Why Choose Us

Our dynamic team is professionally trained to satisfy every customer with the best quality, dependability and worry free service. If you are looking for a thorough and dependable cleaning service for any area or site then look no further.  We are dedicated and determined to provide the solution you want.

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