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House Cleaning ServicesAuthentic Cleaning Solutions is a House Cleaning Service company based out of Lake Worth, Florida. We service all of South Florida with our Authentic Cleaning services. Call today to request a free estimate!

When we come to your home for a cleaning consultation we will create a plan that will best suit your needs and budget. Once we come up with an agreement we then gather our cleaning products and equipment to start cleaning from top to bottom, not leaving until the job is done correctly the first time.  For example, start from the ceiling fans, A/C vents and the top of refrigerators and all the way down to the floor (vacuum, sweeping, and moping), we will generally start from one side of the house/apartment and work our way to the other to make sure no dust gets left behind and that it goes back to a clean room.  Our goal here at Authentic Cleaning Solutions is not to only have a repeat customer but to have a happy and satisfied customer. Call (561) 301-4520 or fill out our online form to get started today!

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Lake Worth House Cleaning with a Promise

Your Schedule

ACS retains flexibility to work with our client's schedules and needs.

At Your Convenience

No matter what time or day you need our house cleaning services, we can meet your schedule.

Your Budget

Don't pay for what you don't need. Let's work together to create a custom house cleaning plan.

Custom House Cleaning Plans

ACS will work with you to create a custom house cleaning plan within your budget.

No Mess Left Behind

We will clean it nice or we clean it twice.

Checklist Protected

With each house cleaning visit we follow a checklist of priority items. This eliminates human error and ensures proper attention to detail.

Trustworthy Staff

We trust in our employees and we know you can too.

No Shady Characters

We know the backgrounds of our house cleaning professionals and we take every caution not to employ any “shady-characters”.

Why Choose Us?

Our dynamic team is professionally trained to satisfy every customer with the best quality, dependability and worry free service. If you are looking for a thorough and dependable cleaning service for any area or site then look no further.  We are dedicated and determined to provide the solution you want.

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